Dallas Maternity Photographer-Capturing the bond between mom and baby-to-be-Crego Maternity Session

August 12, 2019

Dallas Maternity Photographer


I have had a love of photography my entire life but the impetus that inspired me to truly hone my craft was to capture the bond of mother and child. This bond is indescribable and unlike any other. After I became a mother, I realized the days go quickly and even the “best” of us cannot remember everything, every little detail, every moment, even with the best intentions or dedication to it we all need reminders. To me a photograph can describe emotion and love in a way that no words could ever do justice and so I have made it my mission through both technical skill and creative direction to steal these fleeting moments away through my lens in the hope that I have forever bequeathed the memories of those moments I photograph to my families forever.

These beautiful images are of a family that is truly beautiful inside and out. Cathy is warm and friendly and when you meet her you instantly feel as though you are girlfriends. She and her husband Scott have already been blessed with not one but two handsome little boys that are sweet, curious and LOVE their momma. It is so evident in these images the love that this family shares and as such they have been blessed with another beautiful soul on the way. This womb that bonds a mom and baby forever is beyond words to me and therefore I give it all my effort to capture this “feeling” for the momma-to-be. This sweet little baby is still a surprise waiting to announce him or herself to the world. Amazing, isn’t it? The discipline to starve oneself from this knowledge but what an incredible gift to feel the overwhelming joy to know at the moment of birth. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to find out!!! Stay tuned!

Dallas Maternity Photographer