Dallas Newborn Photographer-What is key to a relaxed, stress-free newborn photo session-Sain Newborn Session

August 19, 2019

Dallas Newborn Photographer

Few things warm my heart more than seeing a momma with her newborn baby. These first few weeks are an incredibly magical time of bonding between momma and baby. Generally, mom is so busy recovering herself, adjusting to life with a new baby, catering to newborn’s insatiable appetite and just generally trying to keep the world turning that she may not have the opportunity to simply revel in her new baby. That’s where I come in! I work with momma to plan an outfit and sometimes I provide one for her. I then work with her to prepare her home for the session or we schedule a studio time if she prefers so that we set everything up for success before the session even begins. If I may offer a smidge of advice from one mom to another, when someone offers to help you after having your baby your reply is Yes!

With all this taken care of you can enjoy your session and this is where the magic happens. I work to make my moms feel comfortable and relaxed and most importantly we follow the flow of the baby. If baby wants to eat, we stop to eat, if baby doesn’t like how things are, we adjust to make baby as comfortable as possible. My goal is to capture the organic moments of bonding between momma and baby in the most natural way possible. Yes, as always, I guide mom in exactly how to position herself to be most flattered by the camera and then we let the magic happen.

In this session, that amazingly beautiful recently transplanted California bombshell was as sweet and glowing as a newfound momma can be. And that little miracle she’s holding, a sweet, calm little angel of a boy, Damon. (Insert many hearts and some sighs here as we swoon). I could feel the joy and connection of these two and it sets my heart of fire. I LOVE these moments! It is these moments that inspired me to offer my art and craft to others. I am so grateful to have shared in this precious moment of sheer calm and bliss watching this mom swoon over her son.

Dallas Newborn Photographer