Dallas Family Photographer-5 Things You Need to Know Before You Book Your Fall Family Photography Session

August 23, 2019

Dallas Family Photographer

There can sometimes be lots of questions and stressors related to getting your family photos taken. Here are 5 things you need to know before you book your Fall Family Photography Session:

  1. What are you going to use your photos for?
  • This will assist you in determining how many photos you need and what kind of session is right for you. If you are simply looking for a single family photo of everyone smiling at the camera for a Christmas card then you are probably best to find a traditional mini or styled mini session (such as one with Santa). If your desire is to tell a story and capture a moment in time, including all the little details and candid moments then a full session would be more appropriate.
  1. Where will you display your photos?
  • Will you display your photos on a gallery wall in your home or in frames throughout the décor of your house? If so, a full traditional session without any theme or props will create timeless memories that can be displayed in your home regardless of the time of year and over many years to come.
  1. What will you wear for your photos?
  • A great session starts long before the session actually begins. Will your photographer assist you in styling and helping to determine wardrobe for you and your family? This will be critical if you plan on displaying your images in your home. This level of service and interaction before a session is generally only offered through full sessions.
  1. What is your photography style?
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and every photographer has a unique creative style. Scan social media and the websites of any photographers you are interested in prior to making an investment to ensure that their style is a match for you. A photographer should have a consistent style that establishes trust and an expectation of the product you will receive. If you view someone’s work and it doesn’t match what you are looking for keep looking. Do not expect a photographer to produce something entirely different from their body of work. Do you like light and airy, dark and moody, vivid colors, black and white, posed, lifestyle or studio? Taking an assessment of all of these things prior will help both you and your photographer ensure that you are delivered a product you love!
  1. What is included in your session cost?
  • Every session package is a little different. Before you consider price alone, examine what is included in the package? Will you consult with the photographer before the session to prepare or simply show up, shoot and you’re done? How long is the session? What products are included? Do you receive digitals for download, or are you offered an online gallery or app for easy sharing of your gallery? Will you receive prints or a USB of your images? Is the package all-inclusive or is there a session fee and then an additional fee for your images? Is there a required minimum investment? A final important element to consider is the number of images delivered. All things being equal a less expensive package may not actually be the better value.


Finally, show up with a good attitude and love on your family! Happy Shooting!