Dallas Family Photographer-How to keep kids occupied during a family photo session-Bridges Family Session

August 29, 2019

Dallas Family Photographer

Here are some little tips and tricks to keep littles busy and cooperative at a family photography session. I always try to incentivize kiddos during a session it may be an apple juice break, which I always carry on hand for kiddos, a quid pro quo approach like this many smiles before we get to do this or go over there. There may even be some silly questions asked that illicit big smiles and perhaps even a game. Littles are littles and as much as we would like for them to be mini adults, I come prepared to each session expecting them to be what they are kids who are wiggly, easily distracted and sometimes even a bit whiney. The key is to keep is fun, light and to take MANY breaks.

I love to do break outs during my sessions which may include mom and dad, just the littles together, mom and dad with littles and even just mom and just dad. Everyone needs an updated profile picture, right? I believe this variety adds a lot of value to the family and it keeps the session moving and changing so littles don’t get bored and cranky. Sometimes the more important thing is reminding parents that the images WILL look better on camera than what it “feels like” and to reassure them that I will get what I need to deliver them a beautiful gallery of images that capture an entire story of that moment in time.

This is one amazing family! They are warm and welcoming and the kind of people you want as neighbors. Morgan is the sweetest friend and she is the type of mom that you want around your littles. Jimmy is the kind of friend that always has a smile on his face, is always extending an invitation and overall the person there for whatever you need at the moment you need for all his friends and clients. Jimmy is vested in his family and in the families of those he serves with an emphasis on service! If you are in the Lantana, TX and surrounding areas and have ANY questions related to insurance Jimmy IS your resource:

Dallas Family Photographer