Dallas Family Photographer- How to get what you want from a photography session- Hale Family Session

September 8, 2019

Dallas Family Photographer

How to make sure you get what you want from a photography session. I consider myself to be in working relationships with my families. A relationship by definition requires two-way communication. I encourage dialog and I attempt to cultivate that with my clients in a variety of ways. This comes in various forms of follow-up and inquiry. Some clients require a little more prompting to get comfortable with a flow of information.

Sometimes the medium of communication is just as important. I don’t work with any families that say that have extra time.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Sometimes the barrier to communication is resolved by simply asking for the best medium for communication. I want to be where my clients need me to be, so it is as convenient as possible for us to talk in as much detail as possible prior to a session. I also request that my clients complete a pre session questionnaire to provide me with a variety of information that will assist me in preparing for our session together.

As an enthusiast of my art I aim to please and provide my clients with the best experience possible. I try to draw information out of my clients that will assist me in providing them with the best experience. With that said, if there is something that you want specifically from your session whether it be a particular grouping, or a prior image from your photographer that you love, make it known! It is best to discuss any requests in advance so that both you and your photographer can best prepare to accommodate your request to the greatest degree possible before your session.

This beautiful family is ambitious with both a surgeon and an entrepreneur under their roof in addition to raising these two well-mannered kiddos. They also share an incredible love for their family and truly cherish their time together. I aspire to capture the unspoken moments that happen between and among my families to allow them to see what they felt for years to come. It was easy to see the love among this family, from the giggles and smiles between mom and dad to so many sweet moments between mom, dad, daughter, son, brother and sister. It just makes you feel warm to share in these moments. Take a moment to soak these in.

Dallas Family Photographer