Dallas Newborn Photographer- How to make mom feel beautiful with newborn baby-Crego Newborn Session

October 3, 2019

Dallas Newborn Photographer

When a beautiful newborn baby comes into the world there is deservedly much pomp and circumstance surrounding the baby, but I believe there should be equally as much swooning over the momma. That beautiful vessel of life and creation from which this beautiful gift came from God has undergone a range of change emotionally and physically. I love being perhaps the first person to shine a light back on her and remind her of her beauty and strength. Everything in motherhood is about building confidence and sometimes we all need to be reminded of that especially after a monumental change. I love catering to my mommas by helping them to find a gorgeous dress they feel beautiful in. Then I help them to feel comfortable by talking them through the entire session.

Before we even begin with a newborn session, I work with momma to plan her outfit and the location of her session. If we have a session in studio she simply shows up and the magic begins. For other mommas who enjoy the comfort of home I bring everything to them. We discuss elements of their home and lighting ahead of time while she is still pregnant to provide a roadmap for our session to keep things smooth, stress-free and easy. When the time comes, she doesn’t need to give another thought to the session that has already been planned.

If you recognize this beautiful momma, we last saw this special surprise still in utero. At that time, we did not know that this was a sweet little man waiting to make his introduction to the world. I am still in awe of her discipline to wait and find out the gender at the moment of birth. James was a sweet, calm little soul, a perfect complement to his now family of 5! His two big brothers were glowing, and you could feel their excitement to have another playmate. I am so happy to have been welcomed in and shared in this amazing and fleeting time with this family.

Dallas Newborn Photographer