Dallas Family Photographer-How to pamper and not stress over your family photography session

October 23, 2019

Dallas Family Photographer

Why not pamper yourself with your family photo session? Yes, you heard me right pamper, not stress! You are absolutely preserving moments in time forever for both you and your family but you are also having an experience. How often as a mom do you get to have an experience? An excuse to spoil yourself. Allow me to walk you through planning your entire family’s wardrobe, including a dress that makes you feel amazing. While you are at it get your hair and make-up done. Get your nails done. Add a cherry on top by bringing a helping hand to the session to give you another pair of hands, eyes and play for your littles.

I feel as though I have become a master of making things work with littles. I work with clients and their littles through sessions all the time and I find a way to steal away moments. Yet, if I were to suggest my best advice for creating the ultimate environment it would be to bring a grandparent, friend, any type of additional helping hand to allow you and your spouse a moment during your session. This could be a quiet moment between mom and dad, and we know how far and few those can be, or simply to assist with breakouts and even just a break for your littles.

Fall is a time for families to come together and this family did so beautifully. This momma is a knockout and this sweet little baby doll could not have been more perfect from her pouty red lips to her blonde ringlets. I am so honored to have shared in these memories with this family in this moment in time as a family but also in the joy of celebrating their anniversary! We had such a fun time being playful and generally just having a good time. This speaks exactly to my sentiment of creating an experience of joy. Dolled and dressed this fun couple shared joyful and fun moments with me before beginning an evening of celebration. What fun!!

Dallas Family Photographer