Dallas Family Photographer- 5 Tips for Photographing Kids Alone

November 23, 2019

What’s made of sugar and spice and everything nice? These two beautiful girls!! This session was made for joy, two beautiful sisters with dresses made for twirling. It makes me giddy just thinking about it! Photographing children alone can sometimes be more challenging than photographing a family. Younger children in particular are more wiggly and giggly and can be difficult to position or stay in place. With this in mind, planning to photograph only your littles takes some preparation so let’s plan together.

  1. Plan for fun. Games, twirling or any type of movement are optimal to keep littles entertained and interested. Can someone say dance party?
  2. Prioritize. I am a storyteller and as such I like to capture the details and genuine moments that occur in any session. With that said, my number one goal is to provide my clients with what they want. If there is one place, activity, etc. you want captured from your session start there.
  3. Have a bribe. Yes, I said it and I meant it! A little quid pro quo never hurt anyone in a photo session. In this case these sweet little sugars had some chocolates and it made for some sweet candid moments of joy and laughter. Now, two dainty girls aside I would generally recommend something bite size and less messy, think miniature and non-melting.
  4. Change it up. Littles get restless easily. Sometimes a different location or a breakout for some individual shots are just what is needed to provide a necessary rest or add just the amount of variety to maintain interest.
  5. Let go. Kids will be kids. They are not mini adults. They will be silly, sometimes cranky and most of all wiggly. That’s OK!! Roll with it. Allow me to work through the wiggles and giggles. A stressed parent losing their patience with their child is sure to escalate things. Sometimes it’s even good to have a parent take a break away from the session. You can relax a moment and your little can play unencumbered with me.

Finally, know that all sessions with littles especially ones with littles alone where a parent can see the entire scene will ALWAYS look better in camera than they feel. The best thing you can do is share with me what your child likes, dislikes and what makes them smile. Then just let the magic happen!