Dallas Family Photographer- The Holiday Tradition you need to start with your family this year!

December 9, 2019

The holiday tradition you need to start with your family this year! Tradition can sometimes be an illusive word. They are sometimes deliberate, and others seem to come forth by happenstance. I was so honored to be invited into this home to share in this family tradition and I am even more excited to share it with you!

I think as Mom’s we aspire to create joyous memories that will live with our children forever. If this sounds like you listen up! I love that this tradition began with mom and now she is sharing it with her littles. As a little girl Morgan’s mom would carefully select an ornament that was a representation of something significant for her that year. Year after year she anxiously awaited unwrapping the special memory from that year and finding the perfect place to hang it on the tree. Now as an adult she has years of memories that she can relive with her littles in addition to creating this tradition for her own family.

When I first heard Morgan describe this tradition I though it sounded like such a wonderful family activity. Now, after experiencing this first hand it was even more magical. Each child was elated to open and hang all of the ornaments from prior years. I watched as they giggled with excitement as they opened the ornaments and asked their mom and dad questions to relive these memories. The room filled with smiles and laughter and the enthusiasm was at a heightened level from just hanging some sparkly balls or garland. It was magic!

I know that I left inspired and wanting to start this tradition for my own family. I hope that this story and these images inspire you this Christmas season as well. Let me know if you start this tradition for your own family.